Magician Peter May

Peter May is a world class magician who learned his craft in London, but has now called Australia home. He has performed in the French Riviera, Spain, Las Vegas, the Caribbean and throughout Asia- to name a few places.  

May uses innovative illusions to take magic beyond routine stage work, and his props shine with professionalism.

After many years of travelling around the world, Peter has teamed up with fellow magician Xavier Moody to produce the most fun and exciting show for a great fund-raising event.



Magician Xavier Moody

Xavier received his first magic set for Christmas at age six. Wonder and mystery fuelled his fascination and from this early age he was determined to learn everything he could about this secret art. 

Today he is recognised by his peers as one of Australia's finest magicians. Striving to create original and unique spectacles, his creations have been seen by audiences across the globe. 

Xavier can’t wait to perform his latest illusions for you and after seeing him perform, you too will believe that anything is possible!